Fifish v6s


Fifish v6s

CAD $4,198.00

FIFISH V6s is an advanced compact size OMNI-directional ROV with 4K UHD camera, VR box and FULLY FUNCTIONAL ROBOTIC ARM!

  • Robotic Arm Claw – fully powered, can drag, drop, tow, salvage underwater objects; opens 5.5” wide, gripping force 11 pounds, 100N towing force
  • Increased battery power over the V6, Quick charge function
  • 6 degrees of freedom allows movement in any direction – laterally, forward and backward, up and down, as well rotates in 360° rolls, pans and tilts. Additional moving combinations as circle rotation, circle upward around target, spiral deep down or forward.
  • Posture Lock™ – able to lock the ± 0.1° pitch angle or ± 0.1° roll angle and moving in any direction
  • Controller modes: beginner mode; sport mode; head tracking mode through glasses – control the ROV using Virtual Reality Goggles
  • Camera 4K UHD at 30 fps, slow motion footage at 120 fps in 1800 full HD, image stabilization
  • Lens – adaptable display with Ultra-wide-angle 166°
  • Ultra-bright LED 4000 lumens
  • Option for social networks sharing
  • Tether breaking force 80kgf (178 lbs)
  • HDMI box (optional)

Package IncludesROV FIFISH V6 Underwater robot and Power Adaptor; Neutrally buoyant Robotic Arm and cables, Stainless steel 316 watertight connector, 1 Smart Remote Controller and Power Adaptor; internal storage 64GB SD Card 1 VR Goggles glasses; 100 m Tether cable coil with Tether Spool; instructions.

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  • Fifish v6s
  • Fifish v6s