Fifish v6 expert


Fifish v6 expert

CAD $3,998.00

FIFISH V6 EXPERT is Professional-class, high-performance & multi-functional OMNI 

• With many options for add-ons • 4K underwater productivity tool

• 6000 lumen lights and a SD card slot to exchange memory cards

• Powerful battery 14400mAh, quickly rechargeable.The Q-CHARGE charges 90% capacity in 1 hour.
This model also has optional a number of smart functions such as: AR Scaler, AR Grid, Smart Avoidance, Distance Lock, Altitude Lock, Contour Scan and Pattern Scan function.

Package M100 Includes: ROV FIFISH V6 EXPERT and Power Adaptor; 1 Smart Remote Controller and Power Adaptor; Micro SD card with 128GB storage and it can be taken out of the V6 EXPERT ROV; 1 VR Goggles glasses; 100 m Tether with Reel; Portable EPP Case; instructions.

NOTE: Available V6 EXPERT PACKAGES are provided in the below photo gallery (M100, M200, MP200, EP300). Price varies per package. Please, get in touch for details and quotation.


Inspection Tools: Q-Camera I 2D Imaging Sonar I HDMI Box 2.0 Controller Sunhood I Universal Sport Camera (GoPro) Mounts I Universal Light Mount I Remote Control Kit

Measurement Tools: Compass Ruler Laser Scaler I Distance Meter I Altimeter I Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge Hydrophone

Navigation Tools: UQPS - Underwater Quick Positioning System I USBL-Ultra Short Baseline Locator DVL (Position Lock)

Manipulator Tools: Robotic Arm Retrieval Hook Robotic Fish Clamp I Fishing Net Underwater Dozer 

Sampling Tools: Water Sampler (100 mL) I Water Sampler (500 mL) Dissolve Oxygen Sensor Salinity Sensor Turbidity Sensor pH sensor Sludge Sampler

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