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GHOST GEAR DISAPPEAR INC. manufactures REEF BALLS for open ocean deployment in sizes from 0.3 to 2.5 m (1 to 8 ft) in diameter and 15 to 3500 kg (30 to 8000 lbs) in weight.

REEF BALL is a designed artificial reef module which mimics the structure and function of natural reef.


GHOST GEAR DISAPPEAR INC. is committed to using methodologies that minimize harm to marine and coastal habitat.

We offer customized packages for Artificial Marine Habitat Projects and Professional Survey, Deployment and Underwater Monitoring. In our SHOP you can find some of the available Artificial Marine Structures.

We can manage your Pre-Site Approval Habitat Assessment or facilitate the Site Design and Logistic. We also do monitoring of EXISTING Lobster Reef Sites. As each marine or coastal areas demands unique approach, equipment and deployment set up, we encourage you to get in touch with us to help you with customized package that suits your needs.

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Over 10 sizes, multiple styles and

endless variability within each module.

Lobster Culture System

Recreational Underwater Art Structures


Our ARTIFICIAL HABITAT STRUCTURES are uniquely designed specifically to create marine habitat both for multiple species and for the marine plant life that grows on reefs.


GHOST GEAR DISAPPEAR INC. team is dedicated and passionate about the fishing communities along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Atlantic Canada Provinces where we call home.

We are engaged and keep developing Artificial Marine Structures that promote  ENHANCEMENT OF LOBSTER FISHERIES for over 20 years and continuously strive to incorporate best practices by exploring the most up to date technologies such as alternative techniques, building materials, 3-D Printing and much more. 

LAYER CAKE   MODULES are modified special style ReefBalls, that are designed to suit lobsters, multiple juvenile species, soft corals and kelp transplants. ​​​​​​

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We perform site assessments

  • Project Cost
  • Project location
  • Water quality measures
  • Ariel photography
  • Bottom marine survey
  • Biomass assessment

We create preliminary site design

  • Module design and spacing
  • Distance from shoreline
  • Module stability and anchoring
  • Cataloged Monitoring

We'll create your Marine Structures

  • Create ReefBall
  • Lobster culture system
  • Fish attraction and habitat enhancement
  • Shoreline habitat
  • Living Docks
  • Oysters reef systems
  • Submerged Breakwater
  • Recreational diving & snorkeling structures

We offer installation and post deployment management

  • Project Logistic
  • On Site Project Management
  • Deployment
  • ROV Video Monitoring
  • Scheduled Monitoring
  • Artificial Reef Oyster ball

    Oyster Restoration & Shoreline Stabilization

    Placing Reef Balls along an existing seawall help to absorb wave action, protection the sea wall from failure as well as creating essential fish habitat an in the right salinity an natural oyster habitat.
  • Artificial Reef Breakwater and Erosion control Reefball

    Artificial Reef Breakwater and Erosion control

    Submerged breakwaters, like natural reefs, allow smaller waves to pass over so natural sand transport along the coast is maintained. Larger waves are disrupted reducing wave energy and reducing erosion.
  • Artificial Reef Ball recreation

    Artificial Reef Site for Eco Tourism

    Designed reefs can be constructed for recreational diving, snorkeling or often to enhance tourism, all the while providing these amenities also increase marine habitat to benefit the environment. In fact, all Reef Ball projects are required to have a habitat or environmental enhancement component.