AltiMeter for FIFISH ROV

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Measure and identify the height between the ROV and the seabed. With real time automatic adjustments.

  • Integrated with the FIFISH APP, the Altimeter produces the distance data between the ROV and the object in front, which will be conveniently displayed to access the APP interface.
  • Simple and easy Assembly: Simply attach the Altieter add-on and its power cable to the ROV’s fuselage, which will be ready for operations and dives at a moment’s notice.

OPTIONAL Modular accessories to expand the capabilities of your FIFISH ROV


  • Compass Ruler
  • Laser Scaler
  • Altimeter
  • Distance Meter 

Inspection Tools:Controller Sun Hood I Q-Camera I Universal Light Mount I Universal Sport Camera (GoPro) Mounts HDMI Box 2.0 I 

Navigation Tools: UQPS - Underwater Quick Positioning System  DVL (Position Lock)

Manipulator Tools: Robotic Arm Retrieval Hook Robotic Fish Clamp I Fishing Net Underwater Dozer 

Sampling Tools: Water Sampler (100 mL) I Water Sampler (500 mL) Dissolve Oxygen Sensor Salinity Sensor Turbidity Sensor pH sensor Sludge Sampler

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Depth 100m
Current 200mA
Voltage 5V-15V
Range  0.4m-6m
Operation Temperature -5℃~60℃
Forward Sonar Quantity 1