Galvanic Time Release

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Commercially available GALVANIC TIME RELEASES (GTRs) are used to automatically release the fresh bait into the gear as desired by the fisherman.

GTR release times range from eight hours to five days.

Multiple Longsoakers can be used in a pot to deploy fresh bait on multiple days. For example, an Opie fisherman who knows he is on good crab can set multiple Longsoakers to deploy on day two, three and four. Thus, ensuring fresh bait is consistently fishing for a greatly extended period. If a fisherman knows he has good bait in the gear, he may not need to roll through the gear as often.

The galvanic release starts to corrode as soon as it hits salt water.  Once the original bait is worn out or gone, the galvanic release breaks and causes the Longsoaker to open therefore essentially re-baiting the gear.

Keep plenty of Galvanic Time Release (GTRs) on hand. Longsoaker Fishing Systems Inc. recommends to have a supply of GTRs aboard so the containers can be used in a wide variety of situations ranging from overnight soaks to two week storms.


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