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FIFISH V-EVO  is an advanced compact size OMNI-directional ROV with 4K 60FPS camera and much more! 

• 6 degrees of freedom allows movement in any direction – laterally, forward and backward, up and down, as well rotates in 360° rolls, pans and tilts. Additional moving combinations as circle rotation, circle upward around target, spiral deep down or forward.

• 4K 60FPS High Frame-rate Camera: Create epic footage and wonderful underwater moments with V-EVO's upgraded camera system, achieving professional-class shots with ease and enhanced smoothness.

• AI Vision Lock: FIFISH V-EVO’s Vision Lock feature unleashes a range of intuitive capabilities that keep your subjects securely in focus. Determine the position of objects with high precision, adaptively and automatically moving to lock onto subjects in real-time.

•  It comes equipped with a pair of combined 5000 lumens - 5500K white LED lights.

• Controller modes: beginner mode; sport mode; head tracking mode through glasses – control the ROV using Virtual Reality Goggles. The VR Goggles are not included in the Standard Package, they are available upon request as additional add-on accessory.

This model also has optional a number of Add-on's. An attachment port accommodates a variety of tools, enabling integration and versatility for various tasks and scenarios.

Package FIFISH V-EVO Includes:  ROV FIFISH V-EVO Underwater robot and Power Adapter; 1 Smart Remote Controller and Power Adapter; internal storage 64GB SD Card; 100 m Tether cable coil with Tether Spool; instructions; in a standard box.

 FIFISH V-EVO Upgrades and Advantages to FIFISH V6 

Upgraded Camera:FIFISH V-EVO is the first underwater drone to feature a 4K 60 FPS camera and 360-degree omnidirectional movement, giving explorers and filmmakers the ability to capture stunning underwater moments in high-resolution quality.

Ultra bright LED: 5000 · 5500K Lumen LED Lights

Attachments Tools: Multi-tool attachment capabilities

AI Vision Lock: Range of AI vision locking and enhancement capabilities

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