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Underwater Navigation System
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Farallon Smart Buoy is a depth-rated ruggedized hard plastic buoy designed to withstand the rigors of offshore fishing while transmitting in all conditions via Iridium satellite and radio. It is small and light enough to be stored inside a crab or lobster pot, but durable enough to be bounced off the deck or whipped around by 20 foot Arctic seas.

  • Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of gear: from traps to longlines, gillnets and even FADs, attaching as a trailer buoy
  • No on/off switch, just an automatic sensor that turns the buoy on when it hits the water

What information does the Smart Buoy record? Data collected by the Farallon Buoy includes lat/long coordinates, distance traveled, velocity, ambient water temperature and acceleration

What is the maximum depth rating? Officially rated to 400m and have seen even better results in actual use.

How long does the battery last between charges? Battery life varies based on a number of factors including message frequency, ocean conditions and ambient temperature. We regularly achieve battery life in excess of 6 months for long-term deployments and find that even with the most frequent message rates monthly charging is more than enough.

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Form Factor      Sensor Suite
Housing Material: Hard Shell Plastic (PVC) GPS (Latitude/longitude) Acceleration
Diameter: 7 inches (18 cm) Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg) Depth Acceleration Saltwater immersion (no on/off switch)
Buoyancy: 6 lbs. (est). Surface Temperature Velocity
Depth Rating: 400m (220 fa.)
Connections: Dual eyes compatible with harness of 5/16” line or smaller









Transmission Iridium satellite
Long-range open-band radio (buoy-to-buoy and buoy-to vessel via receiver)
Customizable data update rate with remote ability to change modes
Power NiMH battery pack, wirelessly rechargeable Battery life up 6 months between charges based on transmission rate
Certifications FCC certified and authorized for use in USA, CAN, UK, EU and ANZ. Call us for your country approval.
BuoyLocator™ iOS mobile application – provides location, status and alerts Customizable SMS alerts
BlueVue™ Web-based interface and dashboard providing current network details as well as historical analysis of sensor data. Chart plotter integration available.