Fifish pro w6

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FIFISH PRO W6 is an Industrial-class platform, equipped with an all-new powerful and patented Q-Motor system.

With many options for add-ons  Depth rating of 300 m 4 knots speed Posture Lock System  Depth Lock System

Dual 4K Camera System
Dual camera work co-ordination. Vertical FOV enhance to 60degree.

Full Functioning Robotic Arm
Supplied with a robotic arm the W6 can perform underwater retrieval as the arm can grab objects and features a clamp lock function.  The full functioning robotic arm can drag, drop, tow and salvage underwater objects up to around 20kG. The robotic arm is neutrally buoyant and easily detaches to be used without or swapped for another accessory.

5 x Q-IF Interface Ports for Multi-Tool Integrations. It's five-interface port system provides the pilot the ability to add on and operate with different tools simultaneously, elevating the efficiency of underwater operations and expanding it's applications across various professional fields

12 000 Lumen LED Lights
Featuring 2 x 6000 Lumen LED headlights with different levels of brightness

Removable Battery
The 388WH battery can operate for long periods (up to 6hrs). Battery can quickly and easily be replaced and supports quick charging mode and can be charged 70% in one hour.

High Precision Ruler Combination (Laser Ruler + AR Ruler + Compass Ruler) With this combination the W6 can accurately measure underwater objects. When combined with the compass ruler it can accurately be adjusted and locked to the small objects for total accurate real time measurement. AR Ruler and Compass Ruler are optional Add-ons.

Removable SD Card
Quickly store and transfer data with the supplied 128mb SD card. The FIFISH W6 can support up to 512mb SD card

This model also has optional a number of smart functions such as: AR Scaler, AR Grid, Smart Avoidance, Distance Lock, Altitude Lock, Contour Scan and Pattern Scan function.

Package FIFISH PRO W6 Includes: ROV FIFISH W6 and Power Adaptor; 1 Smart Remote Controller and Power Adaptor; Micro SD card with 128GB storage and it can be taken out of the ROV; 1 VR Goggles glasses; 300 m Tether and Spool ; Rugged Industrial Case;Laser Scaler (10sm); instructions.

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