Mort Remover for FIFISH ROV

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Specially designed for aquaculture operations for removing and transporting deceased/sick fish and other elements away from fish farms or to onshore for further analysis

  • Grab & Carry: Simple to use and efficient to operate, effectively remove unwanted elements and prevent the spread of harmful diseases within your fish farming operations.
  • Simple Assembly & Operation:The Mort Remover is easy to attach and efficient to operate with, reducing operational costs and human risks. The opening and closing of the Mort Remover are done by simply rotating the wheel of your remote controller.
  • Compact & Rugged: Made with a combination of carbon fiber and anodized aluminum alloy to withstand and operate through numerous challenging and unpredictable underwater conditions

OPTIONAL Modular accessories to expand the capabilities of your FIFISH ROV


  • Robotic Arm
  • Retrieval Hook
  • Robotic Fish Clamp
  • Fishing Net
  • Underwater Dozer 

Inspection Tools:Controller Sun Hood I Q-Camera I Universal Light Mount I Universal Sport Camera (GoPro) Mounts HDMI Box 2.0 I 

Navigation Tools: UQPS - Underwater Quick Positioning System  DVL (Position Lock)

Measurements Tools: Compass Ruler Laser Scaler Altimeter Distance Meter

Sampling Tools: Water Sampler (100 mL) I Water Sampler (500 mL) Dissolve Oxygen Sensor Salinity Sensor Turbidity Sensor pH sensor Sludge Sampler

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Material   Bracket to Drone: PC+ABS
Dozer: Carbon fiber & Anodised Aluminum Alloy