Timed Release Bait Containers

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The Longsoaker Time Release Bait Jar is a revolutionary new fishing device that is surprisingly simple and easy to use. The Longsoaker has been adapted for use in many different types of shellfish and fish pot gear and to deploy any common bait.

  • New device that allows fishermen to re-bait their fish or shellfish gear without their boat even leaving the dock
  • The Longsoaker is a bait container that keeps a second load of bait dry and fresh within the pot until the timer breaks.
  • The Longsoaker then slides open and the trap is re-baited
  • Unlike with the original bait, all scent is released on the bottom instead of in the water column
  • Durable enough to last for many years
  • The Longsoaker automatically introduces fresh bait to your gear when you want it to

Includes all necessary rubber straps and bungees.

How does it works: First, up to a pound bait is placed inside inner basket of the Longsoaker unit. The pot is then baited normally and the Longsoaker is suspended in the pot or trap on a pre-installed retention strap. This strap ensures the container will open properly and not interfere with operation of the pot.  The tabs are quickly and easily inserted into the bungee cord loops. The pot or trap is now ready to be set.

The galvanic release starts to corrode as soon as it hits salt water.  Once the original bait is worn out or gone, the galvanic release breaks and causes the Longsoaker to open therefore essentially re-baiting the gear.  

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