Ghost Fishing Gear Retrieval & Beach Recovery Of Fishing Gear Debris

Author: Ghost Gear Disappear Inc. |


THE AUSTIN WAY Method a combination of 30 years knowledge, new technology ROV and restoration efforts .We want to give you the tools to see the full picture for new generation fishers’ legacy

GHOST GEAR DISAPPEAR INC. is committed to using techniques that minimize harm to marine and coastal habitat. Traditionally, a grappling hook or towbars were dragged along the bottom in the last know location of lost gear in the hope of snagging a rope or net. This method is very damaging to marine habitat since towing anything across sensitive sea bottom injures species and degrades or destroys plant species and habitat structures. Instead, we scan areas using sonar, and once targets are found, then an ROV is sent down to investigate with live 4K video capabilities. Once we identify the target as ALDFG then the ROV attaches the “magic hook” and tether and surfaces with the ALDFG. Nothing is dragged along the bottom and ALDFG is removed with minimal disruption to habitat. This is the most environmentally beneficial method we have contrived so far, but we intend to continue to innovate and upgrade and newer technologies become available. Habitat protection and improvement is our main objective.

Using SHERP directly deployed and collected from an off-shore vessel will eliminate disturbance to fragile coastal habitats like dunes and wetlands and allow us to remove ALDFG from beaches not accessible from land.

*Abandoned Lost Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) refers to the management of fishing gear (onboard and deployed, e.g., FADs) and retrieval of lost gear as a means of reducing fisheries bycatch and environmental damage.

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