Marine Habitat Inspections And Mapping

Author: Ghost Gear Disappear Inc. |

GHOST GEAR DISAPPEAR INC. can monitor marine environment before, during and after, Artificial Reef installations or construction activities. We also offer long-term marine monitoring services to assess the eco system health and evaluate the environmental change performance.

Monitoring and mapping the marine environment provide crucial evidence on marine species and habitats. The evidence gathered underpins decisions on management and use of the offshore environment.

  • Video survey monitoring and interpretation. Marine Protocols
  • Identification and mapping of sensitive marine areas
  • Eelgrass beds identification and monitoring
  • Sustainable Shore design, restoration, and enhancement
  • Coastal species and habitat surveys, classification and mapping
  • Aerial Survey (Shore and Offshore Marine Zone)
  • Underwater Video Survey – ROV, SIMS and dive surveys
  • Mitigation Strategies, input to sustainable project design options.
  • Offsetting identifications for compensation projects, design and implementation

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